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Joe Scarborough’s Tells Trump to Stop Holding Press Conferences: ‘Every Night He Goes Out and Damages Himself’ (Video)

”Morning Joe“ host says the president and Chinese government will be blamed by historians for coronavirus pandemic

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough kept up his criticism of st President Donald Trump’s coronavirus response Monday morning, suggesting Trump end his nightly briefings, if not for public safety, then for his own political future.

“Donald Trump needs to stop doing these nightly press conferences not only for the safety and the health of the American people but also for his own political fortunes because every night he goes out and damages himself,” Scarborough said.

“You see him get angry if anyone brings up facts that get in the way of him looking good,” agreed “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski, who noted Trump behaves “like a child” and “it’s not good for him to show that to the American people.”

“He’s doing something else, too: It’s like a guy that is being told by his lawyer, ‘Don’t talk. Whatever you say is going to be used against you — whether it’s a civil or a criminal case — so just don’t talk. Make sure you measure every word.’ Because what happens is, Donald Trump goes out and he rambles, he says stupid things, he says things that are lies and all he does is, he gives Joe Biden’s campaign — he gives Democrats — just two and a half hours of material every night to fact-check against all the things they already have on tape from January and February,” explained Scarborough.

Earlier in the program, the former GOP representative compared Trump’s response to the pandemic with China’s, saying both Trump and the Chinese government are seeking to blame anyone but themselves: “The Chinese are doing just what Donald Trump is doing. Donald Trump is doing just like the communist Chinese are doing. They both screwed up monumentally. Both of them, in their own ways, are going to be blamed by historians for most of what has happened since December.”