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Joel McHale Interviews for Job as Street Fighter’s Guile (Video)

The ”Community“ star does impression of the popular 90s fighting video game character

White House Correspondents’ Dinner host Joel McHale gave video game fans a treat Friday when he appeared in full Street Fighter regalia. McHale portrayed the famously jingoistic video game character Guile in a web skit.

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McHale appeared on Pete Holmes’ popular recurring video segment “Street Fighter Red Tape.”

“AMERICA!” shouted Guile, he then tried to lead a U-S-A chant.

Holmes was incredulous at Guile’s outfit and questioned him about his war record.

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Guile hilariously dishes that he fought in the “no gun war” of ’63 under the command of General Mills.

“You look like a Toby Keith song f-cked a G.I. Joe!” Holmes quips.

Watch the video: