Howard Stern Reacts to Joey Boots’ Death, Promises Tribute in New Year

Michael Rappaport and Beetlejuice Green also post their condolences on Twitter

howard stern
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It hasn’t been a merry Christmas Eve for radio host Howard Stern, who lost a member of the show’s family yesterday, when Wack Packer Joey Boots was found dead in his apartment during a live podcast.

Stern took to Twitter Saturday to mourn his friend and pledge a tribute in honor of him in 2017.

Friends, colleagues and fans of Boots, 49, took to social media to share thoughts and memories, with fellow Wack Packers like Beetlejuice and celebrities such as Michael Rapaport participating in the outpouring of support.

Boots, whose legal name was Joseph Bassolino, was best known for his catchphrase “Baba Booey,” often shouted during live news broadcasts to the delight of Stern’s loyal fans. He was a member of the Wack Pack, Stern’s motley crew of non-professional radio guests who have become pop culture personalities in their own right due to the popularity of the show.

Boots’ body was discovered when fellow Wack Packer High Pitch Erik went to Boots’ apartment when he failed to show up for a podcast, and according to audio of the show obtained by TMZ, persuaded the building manager to let him in when Boots’ didn’t answer the door.

The Wack Pack has lost several members over the past two and a half years, including “Crackhead Bob,” Eric the Actor, Riley Martin and Johnny Fratto.