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CNN’s John Berman Says Trump Performs ‘Deadly, Undemocratic Theater’ (Video)

The ”New Day“ anchor excoriated the outgoing president for his coronavirus response

CNN’s John Berman excoriated outgoing president Donald Trump Tuesday over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, saying Trump only performs “deadly, undemocratic theater.”

“As we wake up this morning, 102,000 Americans are in the hospital with coronavirus. That’s a record,” he started a segment on “New Day.”

“An average of 2,200 Americans die every day,” he added. “For all that death and suffering, the outgoing president is consumed with just one person: Himself. His energy, such as it is, is almost completely focused on throwing out the results of the election he lost. Again, he is literally trying to undermine democracy to overturn an election in public as he holds maskless, indoor events in small rooms in the White House.”

Berman, who co-anchors the daily morning show, said Trump has “no public concern over a single life lost but abundant whining about his own personal political loss.”

He then pivoted to new CNN reporting that the president has spoken repeatedly to Pennsylvania’s speaker of the house about the state’s election results. President-elect Joe Biden won the state, but Trump and his legal team have baselessly attributed Biden’s wins to fraud. In the calls to the state official, CNN says, Trump inquired about the election process in the state.

“As far as we know, no calls to the families of a coronavirus victim, but abundant masquerading as some kind of victim himself. This is not leadership. It’s theater — deadly, undemocratic theater,” concluded Berman.

Watch below, via CNN.