‘John Carter’ Opened Slightly Lower Than Estimated: $30.2M Rather Than $30.6M

“John Carter” took in $400,000 less at the box office over the weekend than Disney projected on Sunday

"John Carter" opened slightly worse than Disney projected at the box office over the weekend.

The big-budget sci-fi spectacular grossed $30.18 million domestically, rather than the $30.6 million that Disney estimated on Sunday.

The company received the actual numbers from movie theaters across the country on Monday morning.

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On Thursday, Disney said it "aspired" to an opening in the $30 million range, though box-office watchers outside the company predicted the $250 million spectacular would take in several million dollars less than that.

Sunday, the studio estimated — based on ticket sales Friday and Saturday — that the movie would open to $30.6 million.

The movie took in slightly more than $9.8 million on Friday, $12.3 million on Saturday and $8 million on Sunday.

Disney's estimates were 1.4 percent off the actual numbers. Universal, which predicted that "The Lorax," had taken in $39.1 million, was off by $253,980, or 0.6 percent. The nation's No. 1 movie two weeks in a row actually grossed $38,846,020.

The 3D "John Carter," based on an Edgar Rice Burroughs character, is one of the most expensive films Disney has ever made.