Watch WWE Superstar Shinsuke Nakamura Drop John Cena Straight on His Head (Video)

“Big Match John” didn’t get up right away, but he finished the fight

John Cena might want to sit alone in a dark room for a while.

On Tuesday’s “SmackDown Live,” the face of the WWE took a nasty bump off an inverted exploder suplex.

“Big Match John” had Shinsuke Nakamura on his shoulders to attempt a second AA finishing maneuver, but the New Japan Pro Wrestling export elbowed his way out of the fireman’s carry.

With all four feet on the mat, Nakamura lifted Cena for a belly-to-back of sorts — but he didn’t quite put the “American Grit” host down the right way.

Cena was instead slammed somewhere between the crown on his head and back of the neck — hard. He took a few extra moments to get up, with a legitimately concerned-looking referee checking in on the wrestler/actor.

Eventually Cena did make it to his feet, when Nakamura delivered a deadly Kinshasa knee, which resulted in the 1-2-3. The two shook hands later, with Cena raising the WWE newcomer’s arm.

Watch the video above — the scary part comes right around the 2:46 mark.

WWE did not immediately respond to TheWrap‘s request for comment on Cena’s status, (potential) injury-wise.