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John Cho Explains Why People Should Get Over ‘Selfie’s’ Terrible Title And Watch Anyway (Video)

ABC’s ”Selfie“ is a modern comedic take on ”My Fair Lady“ starring Cho and Karen Gillan

“It took them a while, but they finally found a title that’s more polarizing than ‘Cougar Town,'” Jimmy Kimmel quipped to guest John Cho of ABC, but he’s absolutely right. Cho stars in “Selfie,” and it is already one of the most hated shows of the fall season, based in largely on the name.

“Let me be frank,” Cho said. “People hate the title of our show. But I think it works in our favor.”

He suggested the name lowers expectations, but also added that “it’s one of those words that you immediately have an opinion about.” As Kimmel pointed out, it’s also an incredibly memorable name, even if for all the wrong reasons.

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It may well be an uphill battle for the comedic modern take on “My Fair Lady.” Cho stars opposite “Doctor Who” alum Karen Gillan, who takes on the lead role of the self-centered, shallow narcissist who’s more interested in how many followers she has on social media than in making any real connections.

Maybe the reason people are responding with such vitriol to the show is because in some ways it’s holding up a mirror to our modern society.

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Cho plays the uptight but more socially acceptable man who agrees to help her become less obnoxious. Along the way, she may help him learn to relax a little.

Of course, for either of those things to happen, the show has to find enough viewers who can get over its name and allow Cho and company to win them over so ABC keeps it on the air.

“Selfie” premieres Tuesday, Sept. 30 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.