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John Cusack Says President Obama Is ‘As Bad or Worse Than Bush’

”He hasn’t started as many wars, but he’s extended the ones we had,“ the ”High Fidelity“ actor says

John Cusack pulled no punches when it came to offering his opinion on President Obama’s policies, saying he is “as bad or worse than Bush.”

“Well, Obama has certainly extended and hardened the cement on a lot of Bush’s post-9/11 Terror Inc. policies, so he’s very similar to Bush in every way that way,” Cusack said in an interview with The Daily Beast.

“He hasn’t started as many wars, but he’s extended the ones we had, and I don’t even think Dick Cheney or Richard Nixon would say the president has the right to unilaterally decide whom he can kill around the world,” he continued.

“On Tuesdays, the president can just decide whom he wants to kill, and you know, since 9/11 there are magic words like ‘terror,’ and if you use magic words, you can justify any power grab you want,” Cusack concluded.

The actor also touched on Vince Vaughn‘s comments about allowing guns in schools. “That’s not the kind of debate where you want to do a tit-for-tat with what two celebrities think about it, and in order to talk about it you have to do it in an in-depth way — you need to follow the money and see what the politics are.”

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