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John Kasich Rips Donald Trump in the Most Polite Way

Ohio governor calls Trump’s language “unacceptable”

John Kasich on Thursday ripped into Donald Trump … in a very Kasich kind of way.

The Ohio governor took issue with Trump’s suggestion on Wednesday that riots would break out if the GOP winds up nominating anyone other than himself during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this summer.

“Donald Trump said there could be riots if he’s ‘denied’ the GOP nom in a contested convention,” the Ohio governor tweeted on Thursday. “This implicit acceptance of violence is the kind of rhetoric that’s pulling people apart,” he wrote. Then, he added, “A true leader urges peaceful debate over violence. Leadership requires responsibility.”

Kasich, who scored his first big win in his home state on Tuesday, is known as the “nice guy” in a GOP field dominated by unusually harsh rhetoric.

On Tuesday, Kasich gently defused a tense moment as a Trump protester disrupted his speech to supporters in Ohio, politely saying, “When you went to college in the 1970s, you appreciated a good, peaceful protest every once in a while.”

Kasich is still a distant third in the race for delegates, behind Cruz and GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.