John Oliver Is Taking His Art Collection, Including the Rat Erotica, on Tour (Video)

Yes, you finally have a chance to see the infamous “Stay Up Late” painting in person

John Oliver is taking the growing art collection curated by “Last Week Tonight” on the road.

The late-night host announced Wednesday that three paintings he’s found throughout the past year, including the infamous one depicting what he called “rat erotica,” will be going on tour to five different museums across the U.S. beginning in September. In exchange for hosting the bizarre artistry, each museum will receive $10,000 from HBO and another $10,000 will be donated to a food bank in their area.

The works going on tour are a painting Wendy Williams gifted Oliver that depicts her about to eat a lamb chop, a still-life of ties painted by Judy Kudlow, the wife of former Trump economic advisor and Fox News talking head Larry Kudlow and, perhaps most importantly, the one and only “Stay Up Late,” a painting by Pennsylvania artist Brian Swords that depicts two anthropomorphized rats uh, doing the deed that Oliver described as “high-quality rat erotica.”

John Oliver originally offered to loan out the works of, ahem, priceless art last October and it seems quite a few museums were actually interested. The comedian said he’s excited for people to see the paintings in person.

“I’m happy to say that this illustrious exhibit is about to go on tour,” Oliver exclaimed. “You might remember that, in an effort to help museums that were struggling due to the pandemic, we asked museums across the United States, if they would be interested in hosting these masterpieces we accumulated in the course of what was a very weird year. For some reason, many agreed. So over the next few months, our collection will be visiting exactly five museums.”

The tour begins at the Judy Garland Museum in Grand Rapids, Minn., where the paintings will be displayed from Sept. 7 through Sept. 28 — “Just as I assume Judy would have wanted,” Oliver joked.

Unfortunately California-based fans of “Last Week Tonight” might have to wait a little while before seeing “Wendy Williams Eating a Lamb Chop” in person, though — there aren’t any tour dates scheduled in Southern California yet, though there is a stop scheduled for San Francisco next year.

Check out a full list of John Oliver‘s art tour appearances below and the full video announcement at the top of the page. Ticket information can be found at

Chicago: Museum of Broadcast Communications in Oct. 5 through 26

Baltimore: American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, Nov. 1 through 22

Detroit: William V. Banks Broadcast Museum & Media Center, Nov. 30 through Dec. 21

San Francisco: Cartoon Art Museum, Jan. 4 through Jan 25, 2022


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