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Is There a New ‘Last Week Tonight With John Oliver’ Airing This Week?

The HBO host returned to his studio last week after more than a year spent in his ”Blank Void“

Season 9 is in full swing for “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver,” with the late night host leaning fully into both his sass and absurdity.

Indeed, Oliver’s off to a strong start on the latest of multiple seasons to come. Back in September of 2021 “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” scored a 3-season renewal, taking the late night show through to 2023.

Even when he’s off for the week, Oliver makes sure to have something for audiences, like at the end of April, when he went on a tear against “Air Bud.” Of course, if you’re here, you’re probably just wondering if John Oliver has a new episode this week, since his days off can be a bit unpredictable.

Well, with plenty of news to pull from this week, the answer is yes, there is a new episode of “Last Week Tonight this Sunday, May 15. 

Last week, Oliver weighed in on the near constant attack on women’s rights, most recently in the form of a leaked Supreme Court draft decision that would overturn Roe v. Wade. And while Oliver was obviously disgusted by the conservative-leaning side of the court that wrote it, he also took a moment to call out the Democrats, for just sort of taking it while their Republican colleagues made abortion rights an issue over and over again.

“All that time, too many Democratic leaders shied away from engaging in that fight, or were squeamish in their defense of abortion,” he said.

Oliver specifically called out Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, bringing up times in which they tried to minimize the issue of reproductive rights, while still claiming they supported a woman’s right to choose.

“That has sadly been emblematic of Democrats’ approach, offering vague statements in support while abortion has been specifically under attack,” Oliver noted. “And all the while, Republicans have focused on this issue with relentless determination.”

You can watch John Oliver’s full segment on abortion rights in the video here and above.