John Oliver Eviscerates Bud Light Lime as Part of Promise to FIFA Sponsors (Video)

“Last Week Tonight” host says the beer “tastes like the Jolly Green Giant’s ejaculate”

A man of his word, “Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver aggressively chugged a Bud Light Lime during the HBO show on Sunday in response to FIFA president Sepp Blatter resigning last week.

Budweiser is a sponsor of FIFA, the soccer group that has been an object of Oliver’s furious derision for months. “I will personally put my mouth where my mouth is and drink one of your disgusting items,” Oliver promised last week if sponsors helped pressure FIFA to eject Blatter.

Blatter resigned June 3. Oliver noted that it’s not clear whether sponsors had any thing to do with the move, but “a promise is a promise.”

Oliver had made no commitments to just how he’d refer to the beer before he drank it, so he took the opportunity to compare Bud Light Lime’s taste to “The Jolly Green Giant’s ejaculate” and to “a lime Jolly Rancher fished out of Mickey Rourke‘s mouth.”

Oliver also stuffed his face with assorted items from McDonald’s dollar menu, and sported a hideous pair of gold-winged Adidas to placate two other FIFA sponsors.

Watch the video.