John Oliver Imagines Donald Trump’s Penis, Graphically

“Last Week Tonight” provides an image you will never be able to wash from your brain

Last Updated: March 7, 2016 @ 7:56 AM

John Oliver found himself in the uncomfortable position Sunday of imagining Donald Trump’s penis.

In his coverage of the 2016 election — “or as you may know it, the ‘Clowntown F–k-the-World Shit Show 2016'” — the “Last Week Tonight” host noted that Trump had defended the size of his hands, and by extension the size of his penis.

Oliver said Trump had “hit back hard at his critics with his tiny, hamster-sized fists.”

“That’s right: Donald Trump just talked about his dick during a presidential debate,” Oliver said. “A dick which I presume looks like a Cheeto with the cheese dust rubbed off. I presume. That’s a guess.”

And with that, Oliver played an audiobook excerpt from “For Love Alone,” a novel written by Trump’s ex-wife, Ivana Trump. Oliver explained it was a “barely fictionalized account of their marriage, as read by Morgan Fairchild.”

Give it a listen in the video above, but be warned: You’ll never want to own a mink coat again.