John Oliver Mocks the NFL for ‘Losing the Moral High Ground to TMZ’

It’s almost too easy… but still makes for good TV on “Last Week Tonight”

John Oliver summed up the last few weeks of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s life with one sad, simple sentence: “You know that things are not going well when you lose the moral high ground to a TMZ reporter.”

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During a brief segment on Sunday’s “Last Week Tonight,” Oliver addressed the NFL’s catastrophic response to a flurry of domestic violence incidents involving their players. The masterclass in terrible crisis management culminated in a bizarre and ineffective press conference that Goodell gave on Friday.

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After a montage of Goodell giving vague promises of improvement, Oliver added an addendum to the commish’s speech:

“And in so saying, I have effectively made sounds, which when put together make words, which can then be turned into sentences, which can make noise and travel into your ears, and that’s 45 minutes, I’ve done it, Goodell out! Clear eyes, full heart, can’t take my job, fuck you!”