John Oliver Mocks Trump’s ‘Hostage Video’ Begging for Money

“This year more than ever, everything Trump does is going to be a cash grab,” the HBO host says


Despite the stocks for Truth Social opening well above what was expected, considerably increasing his net worth, Donald Trump is still begging his followers for money. And John Oliver was particularly amused by the legally troubled ex-president’s latest plea, which the HBO host compared to a hostage video.

On Tuesday, Trump posted a video to YouTube — in which he stood in front of a portrait of what appears to be a stereotypical pilgrim surrounded by dead trees — asking for people to send him any amount of money, even as small as five or ten dollars.

“That is a man who talks nonstop about how he’s one of the richest men on Earth, begging strangers for money in a hostage video that looks like it was filmed in a house haunted by the world’s tackiest ghosts,” Oliver sniped as the clip ended.

The “Last Week Tonight” host then moved on to making fun of the many pieces of merch Trump’s been trying to sell, from Bibles to cologne to shoes, and more. But, all this stuff didn’t actually surprise him. So, he offered a reminder to viewers.

“This year more than ever, everything Trump does is going to be a cash grab,” Oliver said seriously. “This year has brought one of the few times he’s actually been asked to pay the price for his actions, but already, he’s got other people footing the bill.”

Oliver shredded Trump once more for “monetizing his bad behavior,” calling his mugshot t-shirt the perfect example of that, before moving on to his main segment of the night.

“Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” is now streaming on Max.


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