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John Oliver on Trump Pulling Troops From Turkey’s Border: You Know It’s Bad When He’s Lost ‘Fox & Friends’

Oliver’s full Trump-Fox joke was very NSFW, so you’ll need to click to get the punchline

On Sunday’s “Last Week Tonight,” John Oliver summed up the overall reaction to President Donald Trump pulling troops from the Turkish border of Syria: “You know things are bad for Trump when he’s even lost the support of ‘Fox and Friends.'”

After identifying Fox News hosts as frequent Trump “cheerleaders,” he played clips of some of them calling the choice “stunning” and a “disastrous series of events.”

He underscored his point that criticism from “Fox and Friends” is serious by joking that the show’s “actual slogan is: ‘President Trump’s d— is 17 Inches Long and Thick as a Tree Trunk.'”

As his audience laughed and cheered, the HBO host continued the joke: “That’s the real slogan!”

That isn’t true, of course, but the rest of what Oliver said was: The decision has been “universally condemned.”

“Very basically, what happened here was Trump suddenly and against the counsel of nearly all his advisors pulled back troops along the Syria-Turkey border here who had been working with Kurdish-led forces to contain ISIS and it wasn’t just that: Our presence there also helped protect Kurdish civilians from Turkey, ISIS and the Syrian government. Our troop withdrawal has had immediate consequences. Turkish forces moved in almost as soon as we left and over 100 civilians have been killed with nearly 200,000 displaced.”

He called it “a catastrophe,” then played a clip of GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham calling it a “s— show.”