John Oliver Likens Sarah Palin to Don Young’s Walrus-Penis Gavel: ‘Fun Alaskan Novelty’ But ‘Absolutely No Business’ in Congress

“Frankly, the only conceivable step down from Don Young would be Sarah Palin,” Oliver says

Last Week Tonight

John Oliver called Sarah Palin many things on Sunday night, from a “bulls—” peddler to a “grifter.” But during “Last Week Tonight,” he had a new one for the former Alaska governor now seeking a seat in U.S. House of Representatives: He compared her to a walrus penis.

Oliver kicked off the show with a recap of midterm elections across the country, including in Alaska, where candidates are currently vying for the congressional seat vacated by Don Young, who died earlier this year. Of course, Oliver didn’t have many kind words for the memory of Young himself.

The host called up a clip from an interview conducted in the late congressman’s office, which was decorated by a slew of mounted animal heads, various pelts, and more, which Oliver described as “striking, and always seemed to have the capacity to surprise.” In the video, Young proudly bragged about a huge gavel he kept at his desk, which was apparently made from a walrus penis.

“So clearly, Don Young is leaving some big, weird shoes to fill,” Oliver noted. Of course, there are plenty of people willing and ready to wear those shoes — but one is standing out above all others: former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

“Yeah, Sarah f—ing Palin’s back. And it’s like it’s 2008 all over again,” Oliver joked. “She’s running for office, the U.S. entered a bear market and ‘Sex in the City’ is making spinoffs that it, quite frankly, does not have the material to back up. Society is going backwards.”

But, Oliver is hopeful that Alaskans don’t go for her “bulls—” once again.

“Frankly, the only conceivable step down from Don Young would be Sarah Palin,” Oliver said. “Who, like a walrus’s penis, is a fun Alaskan novelty, but one that has absolutely no business being in Congress.”

In his argument, the late-night host ran down Palin’s political platform — including fighting against gun control and abortion rights — and argued that she’s “always been a grifter.” As proof, Oliver pulled up a video from Palin’s Instagram, in which she goes off on her platform points, and wraps things up by making it clear that the video was a Cameo she filmed for someone. (The caption on that post encouraged viewers to order Father’s Day Cameo videos).

“Which is a spectacular racket, since she’s essentially saying there, ‘Don’t forget to pay me to brainwash your dad,’” Olive joked.