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John Oliver Says NBC Town Hall Revealed ‘the Perfect Way to Ask Trump a Question’

The HBO host was impressed by one particular complimentary audience member

John Olive spent the bulk of this week’s new episode of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight” discussing some of the disturbing potential ramifications of Donald Trump’s plan to withdraw the United States from the World Health Organization. But before diving into the deep end, Oliver cracked some jokes about some of the other happenings of the week: Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination hearings, and the dueling Donald Trump and Joe Biden town halls.

Oliver started with a joke that came up a lot this week after Barrett was unable to name the freedoms afforded to all Americans by the First Amendment: that it was weird that she sat through the hearings with an empty notebook instead of having notes to help her answer those sorts of questions.

“And the Supreme Court hearings weren’t the only question-and-answer sessions this week. Trump and Biden held dueling town halls on Thursday. Originally it was supposed to be a debate between the two but after Trump pulled out, NBC rewarded him with an hour of TV all to himself. Something which is, if nothing else, very much on brand for them,” Oliver said as an image of “The Apprentice” key art appeared on the screen.

“Last Week Tonight” then pulled up a clip that Oliver referred to as Trump’s “high point of the night” — when that one woman prefaced her question to Trump with, “I have to say you have a great smile. You’re so handsome when you smile.”

“Is he really?” Oliver asked incredulously. “I’m not quite so sure about that, unless by ‘handsome’ you mean ‘looks like someone dropped their dentures into a jack-o-lantern on November 14th.’ In which case you are absolutely right. The man’s got a smile that can light up a cross.

“Although as high points went, that was basically it for the president. Even that moment turned fast. Just watch what happened immediately afterwards.”

Then we get the clip of that woman following up that compliment with a pro-DACA question.

“As the daughter of immigrants to the United States who fled Eastern Europe due to religious persecution, the United States’ immigration policies are very personal for me,” the woman said in the clip. “If you are elected to a second term, do you expect to pursue your previous efforts to cut the DACA program?”

Oliver was impressed by that approach.

“Wow, that might actually be the perfect way to ask Trump a question,” Oliver joked. “‘You have a lovely smile. Anyway, you’d have doomed my ancestors to die in the Holocaust. Why?'”

The HBO host concluded, “Trump’s town hall, like his entire campaign was extremely light on policy details because he doesn’t like to talk in specifics about what a second Trump term would mean. He’s made very few concrete promises other than, ‘I will not leave, I will not die, and I will give you personally.'”

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