John Stamos to Take Stage in Manchester: ‘My Heart Aches for the Victims’

Actor-drummer will dedicate his upcoming UK performance with The Beach Boys to victims of the Manchester attack


John Stamos was less than a mile away from the Manchester Arena when the bombs went off on Monday night. Though Stamos said he was heartbroken by the attack, he still plans to perform with The Beach Boys in the UK, as scheduled on Wednesday.

Stamos, of “Full House” and “Fuller House” fame, wrote an emotional Instagram post on Tuesday in response to the Manchester tragedy. “I can’t help but think of these young kids who just wanted to go to a concert and sing and dance and be taken away if just for the night,” he mused. “I was one of those kids doing the same when I was young hanging out at Beach Boys shows. The songs may be different… but it’s the same joy those young kids felt Monday night in Manchester.”

When Stamos takes the stage with The Beach Boys at the Open Air Theatre in Scarborough on Wednesday, he will dedicate the performance to “all those we lost and as a prayer for the strength to carry on in these troubling times.”

The Instagram post shows a police officer sitting on a park bench, comforting a young child. The scene inspired Stamos and reminded him that “compassion and love will always conquer hate.” He concluded the post with, “Manchester will be in my heart now and always.”