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John Walsh Talks Charles Mozdir Shooting, Hiding ‘In Plain Sight’ on ‘Anderson Cooper 360’

Suspected sex offender was featured on July 13 episode of Walsh’s CNN show, ”The Hunt,“ with public tips leading authorities to Mozdir’s location in New York City

John Walsh dropped by “Anderson Cooper 360°” after the shooting death of sex offender Charles Mozdir on Monday morning. Walsh had spotlighted Mozdir’s story on his new CNN show “The Hunt” on July 20, leading to a series of tips that led authorities to the suspect, hiding “in plain sight,” as Walsh put it, in New York City.

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The former host of “America’s Most Wanted,” launched his new show on July 13, following a similar format. “AMW” helped capture or put away many fugitives from justice. Mozdir’s shooting marks the first resolution for a story featured on “The Hunt.”

The key component in the tips, according to Walsh, was the mention of Mozdir’s dog, which he took with him when he originally skipped his bail.

“We had gotten a couple of good tips last week, that they had zeroed in on New York City, and the Village, lower Manhattan. One of the tips mentioned the dog,” Walsh told Cooper. “We got a couple more tips Sunday night when the show re-aired and the marshals  zeroed in on address.”

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Walsh affirmed that the officers injured in the shootout that killed Mozdir were expected to fully recover.

The biggest thing is, what a relief for the family,” Walsh said. “Not only for their incredible courage to go forward and press charges against him. But when he ran … his roommate had said that he had told him many times he was going to come back and kill the father for going to the police. It’s a tough ending, but for the family it’s a good ending.”

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Mozdir was arrested in California in 2012 for alleged sexual abuse of a young boy he was helping care for. He was arrested and posted bail, failing to show up for his arraignment in a second similar case involving a different young boy.

Walsh said that this result affirms his belief that people do want to help in these situations, if given a way to do so. Shows like “The Hunt” provide an anonymous and safe way for them to do the right thing.

“The Hunt with John Walsh” airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on CNN.

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