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Johnny Depp, Charlie Sheen and Kevin Dillon Trolled Over ‘Platoon’ Reunion Pic: ‘You Guys Getting OLD’ (Photo)

”Looks like a bunch of old coke buddies meeting up for the first time after a lifetime of binging,“ one commenter muses of former co-stars

Never mind the ravages of war; behold the ravages of time.

“Platoon” stars Charlie Sheen, Johnny Depp and Kevin Dillon gathered this week for a reunion 30 years after the release of the Oliver Stone film.

Judging from a photo of the gathering posted by Kevin Dillon on Instagram, the trio of former co-stars had a blast. The real fun for fans, however, came from ribbing the actors over how the ensuing decades had treated them.

The fact that Depp, Sheen and Dillon resembled a Mt. Rushmore of Decrepitude in the photo was not lost on many commenters.

“Dam you guys getting OLD and I’m in the same age group !! LMAO,” scoffed one observer.

Many commenters speculated about the illicit substances that might have been ingested at the reunion.

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“I wonder how much coke was at that party,” mused one observer.

“So sick! I bet there were so many drugs and titties everywhere!” another posited.

“Looks like a bunch of old coke buddies meeting up for the first time after a lifetime of binging,” tossed in another.

“Cocaine’s a hell of a drug,” wrote another.

Yet another commenter likened the photo to the corpse-comedy classic “Weekend at Bernie’s.”

“Sharlie [sic] look so ugly these days. What happened to him,” asked another commenter.

“Good God Charlie sheen looks terrible,” read another comment.

“Scary pic of CS you just laid him out on this one haha,” observed another.

#platoon 30 year #reunion last night at #johnnydepp house #goodtimes @charliesheen

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