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Johnny Depp’s Lawyer Is Waging a ‘Malicious War’ on Amber Heard, Attorney Says

Actress’ counsel claims ”Pirates of the Caribbean“ star’s attorney is trying to ”intimidate and discourage Amber from telling the truth“

The divorce proceedings between pretty people Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continue to grow increasingly ugly.

Heard’s attorney, Samantha Spector, tore into Depp lawyer Laura Wasser in court papers filed Friday, accusing Wasser of waging a “malicious war” on Heard.

“Clearly, Johnny’s counsel continues to wage a malicious war against Amber in the Court of Public Opinion in [an] effort to intimidate and discourage Amber from telling the truth,” the court papers read.

Spector also says that claims made in a motion filed by Depp, that Heard was “manic” and “hysterical” during an Aug. 6 deposition date, were “false and inflammatory.”

The claims were made as part of a request to bump Heard’s deposition, scheduled for Friday, to Saturday. Heard, who alleges that Depp physically abused her, is seeking a restraining order against her estranged husband.

According to Spector, Heard, who is currently preparing to film “Justice League” overseas, was unable to catch a flight that would allow her to sit for the Friday morning deposition.

In papers filed on Tuesday, Wasser claimed that on Aug 6, when Heard was scheduled to sit for a deposition, she pretty much did everything except testify.

“Amber continues to delay litigation,” Wasser said. “After showing up nearly two hours late to her Court-ordered deposition, Amber refused to go on the record to testify at all. She refused to testify despite repeated requests from Johnny’s counsel and instead sat with her lawyers, cried on the telephone, yelled, screamed and paced in a separate room.”

In Friday’s filing, Spector said that Depp and his legal team were “falsely contending that Amber is refusing to sit for deposition.”

“At all times, Amber has been ready to go forward with her deposition and is prepared to do so. Amber was ready for her deposition last Saturday, August 6, 2016, and she continues to be ready now,” the court papers read.

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Interestingly, she goes on to predict that Depp will be uncooperative come deposition time, writing, “Frankly, it is highly unlikely that Johnny will appear and cooperate on August 13, 2016, and even less likely that he will provide answers of any substance should he even appear at deposition.”

Perhaps even more interestingly, an exhibit attached to Spector’s legal papers suggests that the estranged couple is moving toward a settlement.

“I would like to correct your statement that we are ‘reneging on settlement.'” an Aug. 11 letter from Wasser to Spector reads. “This is absolutely not the case. I have sent your client’s signed counter-proposal received via email at 7:50 a.m. today to Mr. Depp and his representatives, and we are in the process of reviewing same.”

Heard filed for divorce from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star in May after little more than a year of marriage, and obtained a temporary restraining order against him days later. Heard claims that Depp had been abusive to her throughout their relationship, and cited in particular an alleged May 21 incident at the couple’s Los Angeles residence during which she claims Depp injured her by striking her in the face with a cell phone.

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.