Johnny Messner, DMX and Steven Seagal Fill People With Bullets in ‘Beyond the Law’ Redband Trailer (Exclusive Video)

Action-thriller from director James Cullen Bressack hits theaters and VOD on Friday

Sometimes if you want something done right, you need to empty a ton of guns into a ton of people yourself. At least, if you’re the ex-cop gunning for revenge against the people who killed his son in the gleefully violent action thriller “Beyond the Law.” And ahead of the film’s day and date release later this week, you can see the glorious carnage for yourself in the new redband trailer, available exclusively at the top of the page.

From director James Cullen Bressack (“Alone,” “Bethany,” “Blood Craft”), “Beyond the Law” stars Johnny Messner (“Silencer,” “Weaponized”) as that ex-cop, who gets dragged back into his old life after his son is murdered. With nothing to lose, he mixes it up with the city’s lowlifes and crosses paths with a veteran detective (DMX) also determined to uncover the truth. But as their investigations drag them deeper into the criminal underworld, the come up against the local mob, and a mysterious criminal enforcer (Steven Seagal).

And no bones about it, things get bloody in the new trailer, which sees Messner grimly searching for his son’s killer and occasionally pausing to shoot someone in an extremely painful place, like a shin. Ouch. Meanwhile, as DMX tries making sense of the whole thing, Seagal shows up to do some extremely Seagal things — like break someone’s wrist as he points their own gun at them.

From Cinedigm Corp., “Beyond the Law” also stars Zack Ward, Chester Rushing, and Bill Cobbs (“Demolition Man”). Written by Chad Law and Johnny Martin Walters, it’s produced by Bressack, Timothy Woodward Jr., and Micah E. Brandt, and co-produced by Gordon Woloson. Matthew Helderman, Luke Dylan Taylor, Joe Listhaus, Randy Charach, Kim DeLonghi and Patrick DePeters serve as executive producers, with Kirk Shaw and Dan Grodnik co-executive producing.

“Beyond the Law” opens in select theaters Dec.6 in 11 markets including Los Angeles, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Houston, Chicago and Toronto; it will also be available day and date on-demand and on digital platforms.