Jon Stewart on Alleged Trayvon Martin Slur: ‘That Doesn’t Sound Like a Word At All!’ (Video)

Plus: News media donning of hoodies leads to a game of "Jedi or Sith Lord"

Last Updated: August 30, 2012 @ 10:33 PM

"Daily Show" host Jon Stewart isn't joining those convinced that George Zimmerman used a racial slur before he shot Florida teen Trayvon Martin.

Those who believe Martin's shooting was a hate crime — and not self-defense, as Zimmerman's lawyer claims — point to a moment on Zimmerman's 911 call when they believe he says (offensive words warning) "fucking coon." CNN's Gary Tuchman investigated the possibility by using one of CNN's audio editing suites to listen to the word in question ten times.

Stewart labeled the report "CNI: Cable News Investigators" — and didn't find the audio particularly damning. After listening to Zimmerman's voice looped to sound like an imitation of a chugging train, Stewart announced:  "That doesn't sound like a word at all!"

He castigated Zimmerman, however, for following Martin after a 911 dispatcher advised him not to, and Sanford, Fla., police for not conducting a more thorough investigation.

He also mocked news personalities who donned hoodies to show support for Martin or to raise questions about whether they make people look threatening. Fox News reporter Geraldo Rivera was widely derided last week for saying Martin's hoodie was partly responsible for his death.

In a game of "Jedi or Seth Lord," Stewart decided which personalities looked heroic in their hoodies and which looked like they had turned to the dark side of the Force.

Watch the clip to see who looks to Stewart like an Ewok:

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