Jon Stewart Can’t Get Arizona AG to Agree 2020 Election Wasn’t Stolen: ‘This Is Blowing My Mind’ (Video)

Mark Brnovich won’t admit to the facts even as Stewart repeatedly lays them out in front of him

Jon Stewart did his best, but even he can’t get Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich to admit in clear terms that the 2020 presidential election was not stolen and no fraud that could have changed the outcome took place.

In an interview with Brnovich set to air in this Friday’s episode of “The Problem with Jon Stewart” on AppleTV+, the host expresses shock that Brnovich still has several investigations into reports of voter fraud left behind by Donald Trump’s empty-worded conspiracy theories that were magnified by his fanbase in 2020. 

The clip, from the fourth episode of the show’s second season, starts with Brnovich revealing around 20 criminal cases under investigation related to the 2020 election, and Stewart sets the tone with a clipped addition of “Out of 4 million votes.”

“I’m talkin’ in facts, Jon,” Brnovich says. “The reality is, there are millions of people not only in Arizona, but people throughout this country that think the election is stolen.”

Stewart compares this belief to people believing in angels, “but that doesn’t mean you launch an investigation that angels changed ballots.”

“That’s a bit of a tautology,” Stewart adds, looking at his notes. “When you have a former president spreading rumors to his supporters, for instance, Trump can say 74,000 mail-in ballots received that were never mailed, magically appearing ballots. 168,000 fraudulent ballots pruinted on illegal paper, 36,000 ballots, illegally cast by non-citizens — Now, the truth is, none of that was real.”

Brnovich then refers to “cyber ninjas” who got pushback from revealing that Biden won the election, and he tries to claim that he has looked into the issue with those twenty cases, but when Stewart asks him if he will “come out and say Donald J Trump is wrong, the election in Arizona was fair, not stolen and not fraudulent,” Brnovich does not give.

“I have always been a straight shooter and once — no — once all the facts and evidence — Jon c’mon man, I’m telling ya,” Brnovich starts, with an interruption from Stewart.

“You have found no evidence that the election in Arizona was fraudulent or stolen from Donald Trump,” Stewart tries again with a slightly different wording format.

Brnovich does assert that “Donald Trump lost Arizona, period.”

But when Stewart asks the Arizona attorney general if he can simply confirm that the former president’s claims of voter fraud are baseless, Brnovich remains more neutral, repeating the existence of ongoing investigations into certain cases. Brnovich also stated that people can form their own interpretations of the results of such cases under investigation.

“People cannot draw their own conclusions!” Stewart replies. “That’s the point of the law. The law is you have facts and you have fiction. The fact is the election in Arizona was well-run, not fraudulent, and not stolen from Donald Trump.” 

Stewart voices his astonishment later on in the clip for the episode, titled “Midterms: This Is What Democracy Looks Like?”

“This is blowing my mind,” Stewart says.