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Jon Stewart Calls Out Fox News Boss, NFL on ‘Socialism’

Jon Stewart responds to Roger Ailes' claim that he called himself a socialist

Jon Stewart responded to Fox News president Roger Ailes' contention that Stewart once called himself a socialist by pointing out that some of the country's most popular policies are socialist, too.

And so is the National Football League.

Stewart defended himself — and President Obama, who Republicans often denounce as a socialist — just before a visit by first lady Michelle Obama to Monday's "Daily Show."

Stewart didn't contest that he may have told Ailes, in a bar, that he was something of a socialist while in Philadelphia for the 2000 Republican National Convention. He remembered it a bit differently than Ailes probably does, however: As an "Eyes Wide Shut"-style masked orgy.

Stewart then played a "Larry King Live" interview in which he said he did indeed have some socialist beliefs. But then pointed out that some conservative luminaries as Mitt Romney — a supporter of Social Security — and Sarah Palin — a supporter of Medicare — harbored some socialist ideas, too.

But the biggest socialists of all? The violent league many Americans reverently follow, even dressing up in their unforms and fanatically watching their national broadcasts on Sunday and Monday nights.

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