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Jon Stewart Celebrates ‘Daily Show’s’ Evisceration of ISIS, Fox News, Racism and Wall Street

Unfortunately, the Comedy Central host realizes the targets he had ”disemboweled“ and ”annihilated“ are still going strong

On his last episode before the highly anticiapted finale, Jon Stewart took time out on Wednesday’s “Daily Show” to celebrate some of his achievements as the host of the Comedy Central show.

“It’s the penultimate episode — it’s the one everyone will forget,” Stewart said, before reflecting on what the show had built over the last 16 years, calling it a “monument to evisceration.”

“Issues, pundits, politicians — we left no target disemboweled … we annihilated things. Now at the end of my tenure, I would like take a moment to see my crushed enemies driven before me,” he said, before introducing a new (and short-lived) segment called “The Daily Show: Destroyer of the World.”

Past victims of “laser-guided satire” were Islamic terrorist group ISIS, racism, Fox News, Wall Street and the fast-food chain Arby’s.

However, the Comedy Central host became perturbed when he realized that all of his targets are still going strong, despite the jokes he told about them.

Blaming crappy cable reception for failing to take down ISIS, Stewart cried: “What the f— is going on here? The world is demonstrably worse than when I started. Have I caused this? Have my efforts all been for naught?”

At least Stewart could take comfort in sports, as he discovered his beloved New York Mets are finally at the top of the National League in the East.

The laughs didn’t stop flowing during the commercial breaks on Wednesday, as Arby’s premiered its ads taking all of Stewarts insults on “The Daily Show” over the last few years and bundling them up into a two 30-second spots.

Over the past decade, Stewart has taken some funny yet harsh jabs at Arby’s food, calling it “technically food,” “a dare for your colon,” “shock and awe for your bowels,” and even inventing fake slogans such as, “Arby’s: Technically it’s food” and “Arby’s: Because your hunger is stronger than your memory.”

The hilarious commercials, which cost $230,000 each in airtime, included the ironic theme song “Thank You for Being a Friend,” by Andrew Gold.

Stewart began hosting the late-night show in 1999, taking over for Craig Kilborn. Final guests have yet to be revealed for Stewart’s send-off, which will run about 50 minutes Thursday night, beginning at its usual 11 p.m. ET.

Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” has won 20 Emmy Awards. South African comedian Trevor Noah will restart “The Daily Show” as new host on Sept. 28.