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Jon Stewart Channels Inner Oprah: ‘You Don’t Get a War!’ ‘You Don’t Get a War!’ ‘Everybody Doesn’t Get a War!’ (Video)

Sorry, Dick Cheney and Lindsey Graham

Jon Stewart channeled his inner Oprah on Monday night to celebrate America’s decision not to bomb Syria.

“You don’t get a war! You don’t get a war! You don’t get a war! Everybody doesn’t get a war!” Stewart exclaimed on “The Daily Show.”

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Some people don’t seem all that excited about the lack of military intervention. Cue Dick Cheney making that Dick Cheney face.

Sen. Lindsey Graham took it a step further; calling the apparent lack of punishment for Assad “a debacle.” The magnolia-voiced Republican was promptly made fun of for his genteel saber-rattling.

Enjoy Stewart’s “Fifty Shades of Graham.”

Watch the clip: