Jon Stewart Declares CNN the Ron Jeremy Network: ‘The Only Network That Can Blow Itself’ (Video)

EXCLUSIVE: Clap for your moderator!

Big news out of Midtown Manhattan and midway up your cable dials: Hillary Clinton gave an EXCLUSIVE interview to CNN on Wednesday!

Oh, and also on Thursday, the former Secretary of State gave an EXCLUSIVE interview to Fox News!

And, umm, earlier in the week, she gave EXCLUSIVE interviews to ABC, NBC and CBS.

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Okay, so the word “exclusive” isn’t quite as meaningful anymore in this saturated and ultra-competitive news environment, in which big flashy words in fleeting headlines offer the only hope of catching an inundated reader’s eye. But as Jon Stewart noted on “The Daily Show” on Wednesday, the cheapening of the word didn’t stop CNN and Fox from using it endlessly to promote their Clinton interviews, which came complete with pre-game shows that dug deep into details as mundane as chair placement.

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For those that stuck around after the interviews (which both were exclusive, of course), they were also treated to endless applause for the networks’ moderators — to the point that Stewart crowned CNN with a very dubious (or prestigious, depending on the way you look at it) honor.