Jon Stewart Determines that Hillary Clinton is Running for President, and She Doesn’t Deny It (Video)

In fact, she does quite like oval-shaped offices

Last Updated: July 16, 2014 @ 4:05 PM

Hillary Clinton joined “The Daily Show” on Tuesday night to talk about her new book, but host Jon Stewart was having none of that boilerplate self-promotional, pseudo-campaign nonsense.

Nobody cares about the book, he said. What people want to know is whether Clinton plans on running for president.

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“You know, I was going to make an announcement, but you kind of spoiled it for me,” Clinton said, laughing.

It was a light moment, but it opened the floodgates to an interview largely focused on Clinton’s presidential ambitions, including a survey Stewart gave the former secretary of state that was meant to determine just how comfortably she’d fit in the White House.

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Indeed, she quite enjoys working from home, in rounded offices, and having motorcades whisk her through traffic.