Jon Stewart Mocks Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden’s Attempts to Seem Like Regular Ol’ Poor People (Video)

It’s a poor-off!

If the constant media speculation and massive book tour didn’t clue you in already, the first desperate attempts by wealthy politicians to seem like regular working class folks should make it clear that the ever-earlier presidential campaign is officially underway.

On the bright side, the encroaching campaign means that Jon Stewart gets even more prime material with which to work.

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Wednesday night, after excoriating the IRS, Stewart dug into Hillary Clinton’s book publicity tour, which generated enough headlines that a simple canvassing of coverage could be seen as parody already. But specifically, Stewart was amused by Clinton’s professed poverty as well as her insistence that The Bible was the book she found most influential in her career.

Bill Maher mocked that statement while acting as Stewart’s guest a night before, and Stewart went all in, adding in Joe Biden’s insistence that he was the poorest man in Congress and doesn’t have a savings account — presumably for a more balanced approach.