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Jon Stewart Does a Great Impression of Sen. Lindsay Graham as a Paranoid Lunatic

Everything is gonna kill us!

Jon Stewart has been chronicling the hysterical warnings of South Carolina’s Lindsay Graham for well over a decade, making for a particularly pointed greatest hits segment on Monday night.

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The “Daily Show” host took aim at Graham for his extreme war-mongering on ISIS, which culminated in a Fox News Sunday segment in which the Palmetto State senator warned that the terror group would “kill us all.”

Of course, there’s no credible evidence to suggest that the terror group is planning or even capable of striking American citizens on US soil, but that didn’t stop Graham from making his apocryphal warning. Just as reality didn’t stop him from making horrific predictions about gun control, al Qaeda, Saddam Hussein‘s weapons of mass destruction, and balancing the budget.

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After all, as Stewart snarked, “The poor man lives his entire life trapped in the Blair Witch Project. I’ve seen chihuahuas in handbags who are less fretful and shaking.”