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Jon Stewart Hits News Media on Jay Z-Solange Knowles Fight Obsession: Who’s Making You Do This?

”The Daily Show“ host took shots at the media’s breathless speculation over why Beyonce’s sister attacked Jay Z

Jon Stewart unloaded on the media for its speculative coverage over the leaked surveillance tape showing Beyonce’s sister going after Jay Z in an elevator.

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“You have to watch!” Stewart said. “We’ll make you watch.”

While chastising the various media personalities who gave their own “baseless speculation” on what happened (e.g. infidelity, record label disputes, drinking) he praised the Wall Street Journal’s Christopher John Farley for standing up to CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

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“I wish I didn’t have to cover it,” Cuomo said on New Day.

“Who’s making you?” Stewart said. “Who’s making you do this?”

Stewart pulled out a Jeff Zucker doll and asked Cuomo how he forced him.

“This is why you don’t mix print journalists with TV people — it just makes everyone sad and shamed,” Stewart observed.

Watch the video:

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