Jon Stewart Trashes Media for ISIS, Ebola Panic When Heart Disease Kills 600,000 a Year

“The Daily Show” host suggested too many politicians and media personalities are worrying about the wrong things

Jon Stewart has once again used “The Daily Show” as a platform to remind Americans that, well, we’re all pretty stupid.

As lawmakers, media personalities and Facebook friends across the country are panicking about ISIS and the ebola virus — threats Stewart says have killed a number of Americans he can count on two “Simpsons” hands — he reminded them about the leading cause of death in this country that those same people are all happy to ignore.

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Heart disease, which kills over 600,000 Americans a year.

“That’s like Milwaukee disappearing every year,” Stewart said. “If you took all the Americans killed by ISIS and ebola — and added almost 600,000 to it.”

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CUT TO: Fox News personalities and guests complaining about any government regulations trying to limit the amount of unhealthy food is served to Americans, particularly in schools.

And what about the thousands of people that die from gun violence every year in America?

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“All we ever hear is, ‘we must do whatever it takes’ to save American lives,’ unless it’s stopping the things that are actually killing Americans,” Stewart said. “For some reason we’re only afraid of bad things entering our country, crossing our sacred borders, when our shelves are already stocked with bad shit.”