Jon Stewart on Mitt Romney Taxes: That $10K Bet Makes More Sense Now (Video)

Stewart says Romney's company lobbied to keep his taxes low

Last Updated: September 3, 2012 @ 9:06 PM

Jon Stewart says Mitt Romney's attempt to bet Rick Perry $10,000 during a Republican debate makes a little more sense now.

On Monday's "Daily Show," he used Romney's tax returns, which he released Tuesday, to calculate that Romney has earned roughly $57,000 a day, for the past two years, from investments.

That's the kind of money, Stewart said, that might inspire a man to make "stupidly extravagant, out-of-touch impulse bets."

But Stewart's real criticism of Romney isn't that he's rich — it's how little he pays in taxes. The former Massachussets governor has earned an estimated $42 million in the last two years, according to his returns, and paid about 14 percent in taxes.

Stewart notes that in 2007, Romney's company, Bain Capital, was among those that lobbied against a bill that would have raised the tax rate on taxpayers like Romney to the ordinary income tax rate of 35 percent.

Watch the video: