Jon Stewart on Cable News: ‘Where Unreasonable People Reach Different Conclusions for Insane Reasons’ (Video)

And Nancy Pelosi – stop asking your five-year-old grandchild what to do in Syria

When it comes to divisive political topics, such as the unrest in Syria, “Reasonable people can reach different conclusions for completely defensible reasons,” Jon Stewart maintained on Monday night.

Though the “Daily Show” host added, “Or you can watch cable television where unreasonable people reach different conclusions for insane reasons.”

Yes, sounds like Stewart is about to go to a Fox News clip.

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He did.

In the clip, Senator John McCain completely owns two ill-informed anchors on the right-wing cable network. But it’s not just that one channel offering what Stewart calls “terrible” arguments.


And finally, Nancy Pelosi consulted her five-year-old grandson to make her decision on Syria — which is just a terrible idea regardless of your political persuasion.

Watch the video: