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Jon Stewart on Obamacare: ‘Save 8 Grand and Tell Your Employees to Go F— Themselves’ (Video)

”Daily Show“ also claims Steve Jobs invented, err, self-pleasuring

“The Daily Show” opened Thursday with a masturbation joke.

“Did you know Steve Jobs invented that in 1981?” Jon Stewart asked, giddy over the upcoming silly punchline. “He called it, ah, alright, here we go … I believe he called it the ‘Whackintosh.'”

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But Stewart then tied that entrepreneurial spirit into Obamacare, which is being met with the same resistance as other historical changes, such as seat belt laws or the emancipation of slaves, the comedian’s comparisons.

Of course, there are loopholes around the new healthcare laws. Companies can pay a penalty of $2,000 per employee instead of providing benefits, which would save them a boatload of money over actual insurance costs.

“So if you’re a corporation, you could do the right thing — the moral thing — and spend about $10,000 to give your employees health insurance,” Stewart said. ” Or you could save eight grand and tell your employees to go f— themselves.”

Watch the video: