Stephen Colbert Calls Fox News’ Neil Cavuto ’11th Plague,’ ‘Imaginary Newsman’ (Video)

Some biblical literalists see the Syrian conflict as a sign of Armageddon, especially the ones who have skin in the game

Stephen Colbert is uncharacteristically indecisive on the Syrian conflict. Fortunately, he can lean on Fox News and anchor Neil Cavuto as voices of reason.

Though that reasoning is not necessarily coherent.

Biblical literalists are interpreting the conflict in Damascus as a sign of the apocalypse and ultimate return of Jesus Christ, Colbert reported Wednesday. Cue Cavuto and one such guest, Armageddon enthusiast Joel Rosenberg, who imagines a scenario where anything is possible — including Rosenberg selling more copies of his book, “Damascus Count Down.”

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The “Colbert Report” host referred to Cavuto as the “11th Plague” and an “Imaginary Newsman” on a night where the comedian still finds himself torn on Syria.

“On the one hand, holding Bashar al-Assad responsible for war crimes against his own citizens was kind of: Been there, bombed that,” Colbert lamented. “On the other hand, not bombing does not involve bombing.”

Watch the video: