Jon Stewart Says Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Alleged Crack Habbit Will End in Fellatio (Video)

“The Daily Show” host notes that Ford’s possible homophobic remarks may be ill-considered

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is accused of being caught with his mouth at the receiving end of the crack pipe in a video tape obtained by Canadian police.

On Monday’s edition of “The Daily Show,” host Jon Stewart noted that Ford was guilty of “exhibiting the type of poor judgment you often associate with smoking crack.”

For his part, Ford is denying that he is a drug addict and has vowed to run for re-election. If he decides to throw his hat in the ring again, he’ll have some explaining to do, because the man in the video believed to be Ford uses racist and homophobic language while, apparently, smoking crack.

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The racially charged remarks were in contrast to a recent photo of Ford embracing an ethnically diverse group of revelers.

“From the picture of the mayor here with his crack-stituents the racist thing seems to be very accepting of anybody who smokes crack with him and a homophobe?” Stewart said. “Well I tell you that attitude won’t last, because at some point while pursuing this crack head lifestyle he will end up sucking some c—.”

“Good on you Toronto, it must be nice to live in a city so problem-free it can be run for years by a hard-drinking crack mayor,” he added.

Though Ford denies the more explosive accusations, he learned something from the experience, telling a radio show host that he realized he shouldn’t have gotten hammered at a bar, and should have just stayed at home to drink.

“You realize, ‘From now on, I’m just going to get f—ed up at home’ may not be the answer to either your substance abuse problems or your job as the guy who runs Toronto,” Stewart noted.

“If you guys need me, I’ll be in the basement, getting all drunk and smoking crack and sucking c—,” Stewart said, while adopting a slurred voice.

Watch the video: