Jon Stewart Takes on Mexico’s Most Feared Drug Lord: Corn Porridge

Stewart thinks El Chapo needs a scarier name

Lost in all the news about the arrest of reputed drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman is the secondary meaning of his name.

As Jon Stewart noted on the “Daily Show” Tuesday, “chapo” can refer to a short, stout person — or corn pudding.

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He imagined himself as Guzman, running through the names of his underlings.

“Let me introduce you to my gang. You know me, Corn Porridge. Over in the corner, Jimmy Oatmeal, Gary Gruel. This tough customer over here, Frankie Cream of Wheat. We are all part of your balanced crime syndicate.”

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In a segment called “Busting Bad,” Stewart cited reports tha Guzman’s arrest will create a power vacuum, which could lead to much more violence.

“War on Drugs!” he said, giving the thumbs-up.

Watch the video: