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Jon Stewart Takes Rand Paul to Task Over His Israel Hypocrisy (Video)

Expect a lot more of this over the next two years

Rand Paul is running a shadow campaign for president, and unfortunately, his past positions won’t stop following him.

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The Kentuckian and political scion has become a very prominent and outspoken member of the US Senate in his one term in office. Seen as a presidential contender from the moment he left his southern medical practice for Washington, Paul has given an even bigger platform to the often-extreme policy recommendations of his libertarian demigod father; doing so helped him build a base, but now puts him in a bit of an awkward position vis a vis foreign policy.

The latest snafu: Recommending that the United States cut off aid to Israel, which is now locked in a bloody and seemingly intractable war with Palestinians in Gaza.

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As a Republican especially, suggesting anything less than full support of Israel is a big no no, which has Paul running away from (and well, fully denying that he made) prior comments.

On the bright side, he now gets to have Hugh Jackman‘s body.