Jon Stewart: Anthony Weiner, ‘Just Tell the Truth’ (Video)

Tom Brokaw, Don Rickles, and a soul singer weigh in on Weinergate

Friends don't let friends obfuscate about their junk.

On Thursday's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart pulled out every stop to illustrate his ambivalence about Wienergate.

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His issues: Rep. Anthony Weiner is a longtime friend, and Stewart doesn't think the story is as important as Mitt Romney's presidential announcement.

But he's also a comedian, and it's been hard for him to stomach Wiener's confusing statements about the image sent out on Twitter last week.

Among Wiener's baffling statements: He doesn't know if the crotch in question is his.

Story continues after the video:

"I'm not a big-city detective, but why don't you just check inside your pants?" Stewart asked. "Seriously, an investigation? Your penis didn't rob the Bellagio."

Stewart's soul-searching included visits from an angelic Tom Brokaw, a devilish Don Rickles, and a golden-throated soul singer who urged: "You gotta come cleaner, Wiener."

Added Stewart: "If this really is a case of an Internet prank with a private photo getting blown out of scale… and you want to put this to rest, I'm asking you against my better interest as a comedian just tell the truth."

The singer drove it all home: "Whip out the truth."