Jon Stewart Thinks al-Qaeda Is More Reputable Than the NFL Right Now (Video)

The “Daily Show” host squeezed the Ray Rice controversy into a segment about competing brands of terror, ISIS and al-Qaeda

Jon Stewart took a shot at the NFL on Tuesday’s “Daily Show” during a segment dedicated to terror groups ISIS and al-Qaeda.

The comedian compared the competing terror groups to Coke and Pepsi, “two globally recognized brands competing for the same demographic, ” then offered al-Qaeda tips to expand brand recognition.

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“Maybe you gotta get your name out there in a different context,” Stewart said before flashing a picture of the terror group’s own football stadium.

“Yeah, no,” Stewart said. “I’m not sure you want to be associated with something as disreputable as professional football right now.”

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The joke came days after a video of Baltimore Ravens star running back Ray Rice punching his wife in an Atlantic City casino elevator was published by TMZ. Although the team was quick to cut the player, the NFL faced backlash because Rice was previously suspended for just two games as a result of the same incident.

The league is sticking to its story that it was not able to view the video footage of Rice knocking a woman out, but a number of sources — including former football players — don’t buy it.