Jon Stewart: It’s a Tie in Wall Street, Occupy Wall Street Prison Sentences (Video)

Only Wall Street executive going to prison was punished for “stupidity,” Stewart says

Jon Stewart is glad an Occupy Wall Street protestor is finally going to prison, to match the lone Wall Street executive.

On Tuesday’s “Daily Show,” Stewart noted that only one person has gone to prison in the mortgage-backed securities fraud that helped drive the country into recession — and that one protestor is also¬† prison-bound, for assaulting an officer. (That protestor, Cecilia McMillan, faces seven years in prison. She says the officer grabbed her breast.)
Stewart said Credit Suisse executive Kareem Serageldin should have realized that the Wall Street way is to pay millions in settlements without admitting any wrongdoing.¬†Serageldin has been sentenced to 30 months in jail.”He went to jail for stupidity,” Stewart said. “Doesn’t he know pleading guilty is not how you address those very common charges?”

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“That’s how we do,” Stewart added. “You say when you’re caught, ‘While I clearly have done nothing wrong, I know you’re a busy man and you’re time is valuable, so here’s something for your troubles, you know what I mean? Get the government’s wife somethin’ nice, maybe a tennis bracelet.”

He also noted that while McMillan was convicted of elbowing a police officer in the eye, another officer who needlessly pepper-sprayed protestors was never even charged.

Watch the video: