Jon Stewart Warns Against ‘Bullsh-t,’ GOP Candidates Start Shoveling: Wrap Trends (Video)

TheWrap’s Jordan Burchette debates which is sadder: “The Daily Show” host’s departure or the Republican field

Jon Stewart hosted his final episode of “The Daily Show” on Thursday, spending his last remaining moments at the desk encouraging vigilance against “bullshit.”

Meanwhile, the Republican presidential candidates held their first debate the same night, proving exactly why he’ll be missed. Between Donald Trump claiming that his repeated bankruptcy filings were simply taking advantage of a flawed system, and Mike Huckabee saying the real purpose of the military is to “kill and break things,” there was no shortage of bullshit on Fox News Thursday.

So did the Republican presidential field promise a bright future for America, or does the loss of Stewart diminish all hope? Watch the latest Wrap Trends and join the debate!

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