Jon Stewart Gets Stitches for Cut Hand

“Daily Show” host and former bartender cut hand turning off a blender during Anthony Weiner routine

Jon Stewart needed six stitches for his hand after cutting it during a bit about Rep. Anthony Weiner, a Comedy Central spokesman says.

In the routine, Stewart pretended to resign for not hitting Weiner hard enough. He made supposedly alcoholic drinks as he stood at a podium, at one point pounding down on a blender while holding a margarita glass. He broke the glass and cut his hand in the process.

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"I'm probably gonna need to go to the hospital," Stewart laughed, still holding the broken glass. He later added, "I am bleeding out!"

He noted later that he was a former bartender and that holding the glass while turning off the blender may not have been the best move.

The Comedy Central spokesman said Stewart left the studio to get the stitches, and would be back for tonight's show.

Oh, and here's the obvious joke you've been fearing: Usually he just leaves the audience in stitches.