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Jordan Klepper’s ‘Nightly Show’ Replacement Finally Gets a Name – and a Premiere Date

TCA 2017: ”The President Show“ and ”Jim Jefferies Show’ score additional episodes; “Broad City“ unveils Season 4 details

Comedy Central made a series of mid-level announcements Tuesday morning from the Beverly Hilton ballroom, where the Viacom cable network participated in Day 1 of the Television Critics Association (TCA) Summer Press Tour.

For starters, “The President Show” and “The Jim Jefferies Show” are each getting additional episodes, which was pretty much always the plan. Additionally, Jordan Klepper’s late-night show — which will finally replace Larry Wilmore’s “The Nightly Show” — and Season 4 of Broad City both got premiere dates. They also each unveiled some new details, like the Klepper-series’ title, “The Opposition.”

Plus, “The Daily Show” informed TV critics and reporters that it was heading to Chicago for a week in October. And finally, Comedy Central president Kent Alterman said that comedy quartet Goatface is getting a one-hour special on his network.

Let’s tackle these in order: “The President Show” gets a back-7 order; Jim Jefferies lands 10 more episodes.

Klepper’s  show is set to start Sept. 25 at 11:30 p.m. “The Opposition with Jordan Klepper” will satirize the hyperbolic, conspiracy-laden noise machine that is the alternative-media landscape on both the right and left, per Comedy Central. “The Opposition” is the voice of the new America. It is the America that defines its own reality. It’s the America of paid protestors, Obama’s birth certificate, and the certainty that CNN is fake news.

As for “Broad City,” its fourth run kicks off Wednesday, Sept. 13 at 10:30 p.m. As previously announced, this season will see Hannibal Buress, Arturo Castro, Paul W. Downs and John Gemberling recurring. It also boasts the following lineup of guests, most of which were known prior to Tuesday: RuPaul Charles, Shania Twain, Steve Buscemi, Sandra Bernhard, Mike Birbiglia, Jane Curtin, Susie Essman, Peri Gilpin, Alysia Reiner, Amy Ryan, Constance Shulman and Wanda Sykes.

“The Daily Show Undesked Chicago 2017: Let’s Do This Before It Gets Too Damn Cold” will telecast from the Athenaeum Theatre from Monday, Oct. 16 through Thursday, Oct. 19.

Goatface consists of “The Daily Show’s” Hasan Minhaj, as well as Asif Ali, Fahim Anwar and Aristotle Athiras. The special has no air-date yet.

Readers of TheWrap can expect lots of announcements like these over the next few weeks: TCA runs today through Aug. 9.