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Does Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ Have a Post-Credits Scene?

Peele’s new horror flick ”Us“ is quite a mindbender, so you might be wondering if it’s got any bonus bits after the credits to help you break it down

Jordan Peele, just two years after making his directorial debut with “Get Out” and winning an Oscar for his efforts, is back once again taking Hollywood by storm with another deep and though-provoking horror flick, “Us.”

But “Us” is a little bit less straightforward than “Get Out” was, offering up what appears on the surface to be a fairly simple but ingenious twist on the home invasion formula — our protagonist family of four, led by Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke, is forced to face off against their own evil doppelgangers. But the further you get into the film, the clearer it becomes that there is so much more going on here than you could have imagined.

So as the credits begin to roll and you’re trying to figure out what it was you just saw, you’re gonna want help from any place you can get it because “Us” really is quite a doozy.

So you’re probably going to wonder — or hope, as I did — that Peele would bestow “Us” with a stinger or extra scene during or  after the credits that might shed some light on the revelations that the film dropped as it reached its climax. So does “Us” have a mid-credits scene or post-credits scene or anything like that?

While we here at TheWrap would always encourage any and all moviegoers to stick around through the end credits of a film to show some small amount of appreciation for the many, many people that were responsible for bringing whatever you just watched to life, you can rest assured that “Us” does not feature any extra scenes during or after the credits. So if you’ve got to get out of the theater quickly or are in dire need of a visit to the restroom, you can head out knowing that you won’t be missing any extra content or clues to help decipher the film by leaving when the credits start.