Josh Radnor of ‘Liberal Arts': ‘Making Movies is My Mistress’ (Video)

“’How I met Your Mother’ feels like my wife. And making movies feels like my mistress"

Josh Radnor is the writer, director, producer and star of "Liberal Arts," a touching and funny story about a 35-year-old guy who goes back to his college campus and wonders why he ever left.

He also finds himself falling in love with a 19-year-old student, played by the wise-beyond-her-years Elizabeth Olsen. The movie was acquired by IFC on Wednesday.

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In an interview with TheWrap, Radnor talks about his choices as a filmmaker, and how he balances his television work on "How I Met Your Mother" with his true love, filmmaking.

"I leave myself open to the charge that, 'Oh it’s not realistic, because there’s a strain of optimism, and it’s not cynical enough.' It might just be something in me – that I’m constitutionally an optimist, and I can’t find a way to shake that."

He won't apologize for that. Or for preferring filmmaking to being on TV.

“’How I met Your Mother’ feels like my wife," he said. "And making movies feels like my mistress.”