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Joshua Malina Pranks ‘Scandal’ Cast by Re-Editing Their Birthday Wishes for Jimmy Kimmel (Video)

Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn, Bellamy Young and the entire cast had their words twisted into ridiculous nonsense

Joshua Malina is a notorious prankster on the set of ABC’s “Scandal,” which has been almost as much fun for Jimmy Kimmel as it has been for Malina. For the rest of the cast, maybe not so much, though most of them seem to take it in good fun when they talk about it on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

For Kimmel’s birthday during Thursday night’s show, Malina came out with some video messages he recorded from the cast. They thought they were wishing Kimmel well and saying nice things about their show in the pre-written messages, but Molina had other plans.

He recut the footage to distort what they were saying into weird and nonsensical things. “This is diabolical,” Kimmel said with delight, looking forward to the messages.

They were ridiculous things like Scott Foley saying, “I am completely in love with myself,” while Jeff Perry admitted that it hurts when he pees, and he knows his hair scares children. True to his word, Molina had even more ridiculous quotes from everyone on the cast including Kerry Washington, Katie Lowes, Tony Goldwyn, Guillermo Diaz, Darby Stanchfield and Bellamy Young.

With declarations from Lowes about doing Ecstasy, Diaz about eating cat food and Washington declaring Malina her lord and savior, we found ourselves really curious what these uncut messages were that this group agreed to read on camera. They clearly included some ridiculous words, and these guys know Malina is a prankster.

Young, who was made to say that she pooped in his green room, was still so nice in sharing the story of a sweet prank Malina pulled on her when she was nominated for a Critics’ Choice Award. That story is below, while the meaner — but far funnier — prank for Kimmel’s birthday can be seen in the video above.